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Renesis Engine tested with “Green Friendly” E85 fuel and the Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Supercharger kit.

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Hymee Enhanced

G’day, this is Hymee. My company, Performance Design Australia Pty. Ltd., is proud to present to you a range of the highest quality aftermarket performance accessories for your RX-8. I have an uncompromising philosophy when it comes to functionality, quality, and value for money. All of my products have been created out of a area I felt needed to be addressed to improve my RX-8 just that little bit more. Don’t get me wrong, they are a great car off the showroom floor – I just wanted to improve some things here and there to make it into something really special, without compromising the OEM quality. I am a software engineer by profession, and a car enthusiast at heart. I’ve developed my products out of passion and I hope that you will like to Hymee Enhance your RX-8 with them as well.

Performance Design Australia is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. We have access to high quality engineering facilities such as those used in the production of the CNC billet aluminum supercharger kit components, Engine and Chassis Dyno facilities, and specialized rotary tuning services. With all of my products, I have personally designed and engineered with expert input if required (I know my limits!). My product range is small, but of the finest quality and guaranteed to perform its intended function.